Easter Egg Hunt

Thanks for joining us for our 2021 Easter Egg hunt!


1. We ask that you stay in your car

 until instructed otherwise

2. While you wait, please fill out our information form below


3. When told, please head to your

 assigned age areas for the hunt. We encourage everyone to wear a mask during this time.

4. After we tell you all about what Easter means to us and randomly choose some names from our registration forms to win a prize, we'll give you the green light to grab some eggs!


4. once you touch an egg, please keep it and avoid putting it back to be found by someone else. 

5. Instead of opening the eggs inside like usual, this year the eggs (and everything inside) are yours to keep! Have fun!

please let us know you were here today!

Apr 03, 11:45 AM
Transformation Church,
216 W Sauk Trail, South Chicago Heights, IL 60411, USA

Sunday Mornings at 10:45am

@2021  Transformation Church.